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It's not just a show.
It's an experience.

The Ladies invite you to laugh at life’s most routine moments through original experiences that use live performance in unexpected places.

It’s not quite dance.

It’s not quite improv.

It’s not quite theatre.


It’s just unforgettable.

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It's not a show. It's an experience!


The Ladies create evening-long, interactive theatre events designed specifically for nontraditional performance spaces.

MAY 2018, JAN 2022, MAY 2023


Ladies Gone Mild

The Ladies are on the run from their families. They are hiding out at their ultimate resort destination and invite you to join them as they unwind from their daily motherly grind.


Equipped with a map, ticket holders will experience the resort’s comically bizarre amenities including the Sunscreen Sommelier, the Relaxation Guru, and the Retro Dance Specialist. A new surprise awaits around every corner as audience members find their own path to the climactic rooftop promenade where The Ladies get back in touch with their bachelorette spirit.

Hosted by

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Book The Ladies

The Ladies can create a unique experience for any business, venue, or institution. Visit our booking page for details!

Corporate Improv

The Ladies want to help your team discover the magic of  collaboration, creativity, and improvisation! 


Find out what people are saying about The Ladies!

"The Ladies hold up a mirror to the daily embarrassments of being a person with a body and responsibilities....

I feel seen by this show"

Phoenix Dance Observer

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Drive Up, Pop Up Shows

"an unclassifiable yet compelling mixture of dance, improv comedy, installation art, and immersive theater."

Phoenix New Times

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The Ladies, physical comediennes Marlene Strang and Leanne Schmidt, are a zany, awkward pair of mom characters, clinging to the past to get through today.


With a fresh ability to laugh at life's most routine moments, they have been performing together since 2016. They bring their wacky and awkward style of movement and live theater into the most surprising and unexpected locations. 

The Ladies have been featured at Chandler Center for the Arts, Scottsdale Center for the Arts, The Players Theater NYC, Center for Visual Arts in Denver, the Regional Alternative Dance Festival in Kalamazoo, and showcased at the 50th Anniversary of Dance at ASU. 

The Ladies received national recognition in the American Theatre Journal’s June 22, 2020 publication, “When There Isn’t a Bad Seat in the House (Because It’s a Car)” as well as a local feature on Arizona PBS’s Art in the 48. They were named Top 10 Things To Do in Phoenix Magazine for Room for Two. In 2020, Strang and Schmidt formed Yes And Productions, a non-profit that is dedicated to creating immersive, interactive performances in unexpected locations outside of the traditional proscenium environment.

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