it's not dance. 

it's not improv. 

it's not theatre. 


To be honest, there isn't really a name for what The Ladies do.​

The Ladies invite you to laugh at life’s most routine moments through original experiences that use live performance in unexpected places.

It's not a show. It's an experience.​


Now Playing in Chandler, AZ!

Drive-up. Tune-in. Enjoy the Show!

"Ladies in the Headlights" is a 15 minute drive-up pop-up performance designed for parking lots. Audience members reserve a parking spot, drive in, and watch The Ladies perform by the light of their high-beams and to the soundtrack broadcast through their car radios.


It's not a show. It's an experience!


The Ladies create evening-long, immersive theatre events designed specifically for nontraditional performance spaces.

MAY 2018

Ladies Gone Mild

Ladies Gone Mild invites audience members on a self-guided tour of the ultimate resort destination for working moms on the run.


Over the course of an hour, audience members explore a pop-up resort and its comically bizarre amenities. A new surprise waits around every corner as audience members find their own path to the climactic rooftop promenade with The Ladies themselves.

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Corporate Improv Workshops

The Ladies want to help your team discover the magic of  collaboration, creativity, and improvisation! 

"The Ladies hold up a mirror to the daily embarrassments of being a person with a body and responsibilities....

I feel seen by this show"

Phoenix Dance Observer

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The alter-egos of comediennes Leanne Schmidt and Marlene Strang, The Ladies fuse movement, improv comedy, and immersive theatre to create an entirely new kind of performance.

"an unclassifiable yet compelling mixture of dance, improv comedy, installation art, and immersive theater."

Phoenix New Times