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It's hilarious. It's unforgettable.

A Ladies show is unlike any entertainment you've previously booked or any of your guests have experienced. The Ladies create zany, wacky interactive events in surprising, non-traditional locations.

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Ladies Gone Mild by The Ladies
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It's not a show. It's an experience.

The Ladies create pop-up, drive-in style performances viewed from the safety of a car. Audience members reserve a parking spot, drive in, and watch The Ladies perform by the light of their high-beams and to the soundtrack broadcast through their car radios.

Room for Two
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From music festivals to escape rooms, from "Sleep No More" to Meow Wolf, today's audiences are no longer satisfied with simply sitting quietly and watching a show; they crave unique experiences, active participation, and social engagement.

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The Ladies are...


You don't watch a Ladies show; you experience it. Audience members choose their own adventure, exploring an open world of strange encounters, hilarious surprises, and singular interactions. 


You can sit in passive silence and stare at a screen anywhere. The Ladies invite audiences to get up and get out, to move, participate, and mingle at their own pace. 


No need to silence your phone for this performance. The Ladies encourage audiences to explore, laugh, chat, snap, text, and share. And while you're at it, why not refresh that cocktail?